About Us

Prefabex, established in 2016, stands out as a distinguished design-build prefabricated building company and a direct manufacturer of modular buildings catering to diverse sectors such as schools, healthcare, commercial, and government projects. The company was founded by professionals with over 19 years of collective experience in the prefabricated industry.

Prefabex is committed to providing high-quality modular building solutions that seamlessly integrate engineering and project management excellence, cutting-edge production technology, and aesthetically pleasing designs. The company takes pride in establishing robust partnerships with clients, translating their modular building concepts and requirements into tangible reality.

The synergy of experience and technology allows Prefabex to offer a comprehensive range of products to meet various needs. The company is dedicated to creating value and making a positive impact on the world. Prefabex allocates its resources to deliver affordable living spaces accessible to everyone, reflecting its commitment to enhancing the quality of living through innovative prefabricated solutions.


  • High quality service along the order process. Our professional teams will help you finalize the design of your product according to your expectations, manufacture it, arrange packaging and transportation and finally send our supervisors and technicians to assemble and deliver it as ready to use.
  • Low cost. Our commitment is to provide good value for money, cost effective and economic solutions.
  • Quality product. All materials used in our buildings and products are chosen from top quality brands that are ISO and TSE certified.
  • Full project management. Our clients will deal with one point of contact for all services including design, cost analysis, planning, shipping and assembling.
  • Speed without compromising quality. Prefabricated structures can be completed much faster than onsite construction. Being fabricated in a controlled manufacturing facility, we offer complete quality assurance with zero mistakes.
  • Turnkey solutions. Wide selection of finishing materials, additions, accessories and supplementary

Prefabex envisions revolutionizing the construction landscape in the Middle East and Africa by widely disseminating prefabricated structures technology and making it accessible to all. Positioned as the optimal alternative to traditional building methods, PREFABEX aims to transform the industry.

Our mission at Prefabex is to emerge as a leading provider of modular solutions in the Middle East and Africa, catering to diverse spaces and needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality prefabricated building solutions, excelling in both products and services. Through continuous investment in

We are proud to have completed with our dealers in Jordan, Qatar, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Panama, Djibouti, Puerta Rico,  more than 60 projects around the world. With our dealers we are ready to deliver turn-key projects to our valuable customers. Furthermore, the modular nature of our products makes it possible to export them to any place around the world via alternative modes of transportation.

Among PREFABEX products:

  • Modular Buildings
  • Modular Houses
  • Living Containers and Portacabin
  • Portable Fiberglass Kiosks
  • Sandwich panel cabins
  • Containerized Residential and Commercial Facilities
  • Steel Houses and Villas
  • Pre-engineered Steel Structures and Hangars