Architectural & Landscape Design

Landscape Architecture Planning and Design


Our engineers’ look at each project as another opportunity to provide constant value. With joint interest in the architecture, engineering and construction entities, we approach projects holistically with our designers and construction specialized working in partnership with builders throughout the life of a project.

Our approach is to focus on meeting client needs, shortening project delivery, obtaining best possible competitive pricing, and guaranteeing cost and timetable - enhancing certainty of result.

Prefabex provides perfect, fully-coordinated Architectural services for customers in a wide variety of industries. Our markets served include:

Markets served include:

  • Healthcare
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Hospitality Facilities
  • Entertainment public facilities

From the beginning to the end, our engineers will turn your requests and ideas into finished, working drawings that are presented for your acceptance. After agreement, your specific requests become our projects for your prefabricated, modular, or ambulant Building.

Professional interior design and personal attention to colors, options and space necessity are obtainable. The custom features of your building are only limited to your ideation. Customization services are offered as second to none in the industry to supply you with the best experience available.

We join creativity, passion, research and expertise in multiple areas to deliver interior spaces that empower occupants with increased performance, improved health, enhanced comfort and added flexibility. Most importantly, we aim to create environments that have a profound impact on people as they work, learn, live, cure and relish life.

Our wide experience with design-build projects allows us to create most value and flexibility, which in turn creates savings for our customers in both time and costs.  we have an inclusive amount of experience in design reviews, constructability analysis, scheduling, coordination, and value engineering in all prefabricated construction types. With experience on more than 140 design-build projects, we have learned to work closely with owners and end users to create most value, flexibility, and time savings in the preconstruction phase.