Modular Building Assembling

Prefabex Experts In Assembling Modular And Prefabricated Buildings


Prefabex supplies a number of installation services to make sure that your building is installed properly and in a fashion that is suitable for you. Prefabex can send a staff of experienced professionals to install your structure in a speedy and active manner. For those that have a crew of their own, Prefabex can send a project manager to monitor the construction and ensure it’s done properly or customers can construct the building with their own crew and manager.

The logistics team at Prefabex takes every precaution to ensure that, on delivery day, the arrival and installation of your prefab building goes without and an obstacle that your modular building is professionally set up and fully tested. We personally check the site of your new building location to insure proper placement and minimum impact on your property. Our delivery and set-up teams will assist you in site selection and suitable placement to ensure your satisfaction for years to come.

Time all on-site preparation is complete, building installation can place. At this time, the units are delivered and staged in a particular order to make final assembly run smoothly and efficiently. Prefabex installers are highly trained and specialize in installing Prefabricated building systems and modular partition walls. Our expert installers use suitable tools, techniques and equipment to safely and efficiently install prefabricated building. All of our installer teams are fully insured.