What are Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)?

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) are produced at the factory based on detailed production plans prepared by structural engineers and then assembled on site. Each part and profile of the PEB is produced to the exact size of the plan, with bolts holes pre opened and flanges, brackets and stiffeners pre-welded. Wall and roof cladding is normally a sandwich panel which comes in a variety of insulation and thickness choices.

The pre-engineered steel buildings are an excellent solution to industrial and commercial buildings as they reduce construction time, cost effective, can be expanded, low maintenance cost, and energy-efficient.

High Quality Steel Buildings Manufactured By Prefabex

Prefabex exists to supply you with the highest-quality metal structures at competitive prices. We’re proud to provide steel buildings that are quick and easy to erect, attractive, durable, versatile, less expensive remodeling, weather-resistant, cost-effective, and design flexibility. 

Our steel structures can be used for everything from airplane hangars, warehouses, garages and workshops, office space, residential buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, to greenhouses, agricultural buildings, sheds, carwashes, and much more!

Steel structures provide the fastest space metal construction solutions for temporary & permanent needs. Request a quote on your metal solution today.

Pre-engineered Steel Building Component And Metal Features

Steel buildings are components which are manufactured at a factory and assembled on site. Steel buildings consist of rigid frames fabricated as beams and columns and connected together by bolts and nuts. These frames can span large distances without the need for intermediate supporting columns. On top of the beams and columns comes the roof purlins that are attached to the roofing system.

We have a wide range of highly adaptable structures that are perfectly suited for business use. We are confident that we can always provide you with the best possible space solution. It is cheap, very fast to erect, and can also be dismantled and moved to another site. Use of prefab buildings have the potential to drastically reduce total construction time of the project. This also allows faster occupancy and earlier realization of revenue for building owners.

Versatile Uses Of Prefabricated Metal Buildings & Steel Structures

This style of construction is ideal for industrial buildings, warehouses, factory buildings, workshops, car parking space, supermarkets, sports halls, community halls, auditoriums, petrol pumps/service buildings, commercial complexes, hangars, showrooms, labor camps, schools, equipment housing/shelters, office buildings, primary health centers ...Etc.

At Prefabex we offer design and built services and provide off the shelf solutions in addition to custom-engineered ones. We can design, build and furnish your temporary or semi-permanent structure to your specifications.

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Sale At Competitive Prices

Our metal buildings are appropriate for use in a variety of industries and have been purchased by clients worldwide.They are perfect for all projects, both large and small, and serve as a durable and reliable structure in any market. From retail establishments to personal garages and industrial and commercial buildings to office buildings, our metal buildings have been used in countless ways to serve the various needs of our clients.

Prefabex metal buildings are designed, engineered, and fabricated in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, which means we can deliver your finished steel building weeks faster than most others.We use the latest manufacturing technologies for highest precision and lowest tolerance. Our prefabricated metal buildings are long-lasting, time efficient, durable, cost saving and backed by industry-leading warranties.

The Steel Buildings can supply cost-effective solutions for any business. You can customize door & window openings to fit your special work space and best of all Steel Buildings are virtually maintenance-free.

Prefabex is the Premier Supplier of Metal buildings & Steel Structures

Prefabex designs and manufactures advanced steel structures and metal buildings for a selection of markets including industrial, warehousing, manufacturing , and commercial purposes.

Our steel building systems are fully customizable, for whatever type of building project you want to undertake. Whether you’re looking for Agricultural Buildings, Commercial & Retail Metal Buildings, Manufacturing/Industrial Buildings, Recreational Facilities , Service Industry, the experts at Prefabex can meet your needs. Our experienced team advisers will walk you through the process of finding the perfect metal building that will meet your budget requirements and one that will exceed your expectancy.

We are the industry leader in on-time, on-budget, metal construction and one of the most experienced steel and metal structures companies in Turkey. specializes in taking on the most difficult projects and exceeding our client’s highest expectations.

The Main Advantages of Steel Structures & Metal Buildings

  • Aesthetic designs and different options of cladding
  • Faster completion with average production period 4-8 weeks
  • Economic in terms of materials used, foundation required and assembling
  • Erection process is easy and fast
  • Seismic resistance because of the low weight flexible frames
  • The ability to monitor closely every stage of production eliminates the possibility of production mistakes and as a result customers get a maintenance free building.

Erection of the structural steel system is done by PREFABEX experienced teams. The painted steel sections are lifted into place by crane, and then bolted together by making sure each bolt is tightened to exactly the right amount of torque.