Prefabex Is A Leading Supplier Of Modular Containers

Prefabex supply modular container buildings including: portable demountable container, portable container offices, portable flatpack container, portable toilets units and shower blocks, portable dining hall and restaurants, modular house container, modular accommodation and dormitory. 

A modular container building represents an excellent unit that has strong and durable structure, environmentally efficient materials, cost effective, high-quality materials, high insulation and quick installation nature with utmost care for safety issues. Prefabex containers come in standard dimensions as well as customized ones.

If you are looking for a mobile space solution that is economic, practical and functional then Prefabex container is the right solution for you.

Portable containers have been used in the construction industry for long time, the robust and well built structure is ideal for harsh environments and helps site and project managers to  provide suitable facilities and motivate their staff with great workspaces. The versatility, affordable price, and safety of these containers make them perfect for various projects.

What are Modular Containers?

Modular containers are constructed using modular building techniques. Steel framed demountable buildings are quick to build, and can be customized to suit any application: from site offices, to commercial spaces to hospitals, schools, and construction projects. They are fully insulated to guarantee a comfortable living environment.

Fast & High-quality Containers Solution

Portable containers are easily converted and modified to provide both permanent and temporary accommodation, worksite accommodation, remote stations, construction projects, emergency residence units, oilfield areas, holiday camps, toilet and shower blocks, workforce lodgings ,office, workers housing, portable offices, construction industry, mobile health centers and welfare facilities, schools and universities accommodation, Recreational facilities, engineers and managers offices,  mining camp accommodation, living areas …etc.

In recent years, used construction containers have been re-purposed in all manner of ways, from modular housing, to office, retail outlets, restaurants, temporary accommodation and dormitory, toilet units and shower blocks. Through all that though, the design of the standard container has remained pretty much the same, no matter what it’s being used for.

Modular Container for Portable Offices, Restrooms, Housing

Prefabex offers modular containers that are being produced by means of modern manufacturing technology. Strict quality control system is being applied during all stages of production. Modular containers are produced based on different plans that suit different customers’ needs such as one room, two rooms or more, with/without dining hall, with/without kitchen, with/without toilet and shower…etc. The container is produced as unassembled for the purpose of easy and low-cost transportation. Upon reaching the final destination modular containers can be assembled in very short time by our experienced staff and delivered to customers for immediate usage.

Modular Containers Building To Suit All Budgets And Timeframes

If you're planning on moving your business to a new location anytime soon, then a temporary modular building will be preferable. We have affordable container units available to suit every budget. Whether you are looking for permanent buildings or temporary buildings that can be relocated, repurposed, or recycled at any time. Temporary modular buildings are built tough, so they can handle several moves without sacrificing structural integrity or performance.

prefabex is famous worldwide for designing container buildings of all sizes. For over 10 years we have delivered faster results, with smarter designs and at better prices. We build with various prefabricated modular systems in many sizes. Contact our team to learn how we can build the perfect solution for your modular construction needs. Prefabex is able to offer planned short, medium or even long-term accommodation, enabling you to either increase your staff numbers or as an alternative to building new halls. 

Prefabex Modular Containers Buildings Fully Customizable

All of our Modular container buildings are fully customizable to suit not only your needs but your vision as well. Whether it be windows, electrical, insulation or heating we can have your custom modification done quickly and easily. From light fixtures to the walls and even the floor each element can be modified to make your building perfect. Prefabex can create any container buildings of various sizes making containers giving you full customized to fit your requirements

We deliver and install fully ready container buildings in very fast and efficient way. Prefabex modular containers are produced at the factory, and are delivered fully ready, with external and internal finishing, windows and doors, bathrooms, electricity, water supply, kitchen with flexible designs and economic prices. 

Custom and Flexible Design With Prefabex containers 

Prefabex modular and flexible design allows you to expand the living space by simply connecting one or more additional units to your current buildings. Our containers can also be stacked to form multi-storey buildings up to 3 floors. 

if you are multi-sited it would be easy to demount the building from one site and relocate to another for different use. Alternatively, you could demount the building and store it until it needed to be re-installed and operational again.  

Find New Prefab Containers For Sale At Competive Price

Produced as single-storey and up to three-storey, prefabex modular container buildings are the best solution that provides a secure and ergonomic living environment. prefabex has successfully accomplished a large number of projects worldwide from both standard container and customized container buildings that were delivered as ready to use.  

Prefabex is the place to find new prefab containers for sale. Since 2012, we have exported over 7000 modular containers for portable offices, accommodation, housing, restrooms.


The Benefits you will enjoy with Prefabex Prefab modular containers are:

  • Very economic price
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy Relocation
  • Flexible Design
  • durable, high-quality materials
  • Excellent insulation for both heat and sound
  • Ability to expand by joining many units together
  • wide range of additional options and accessories 
  • Easy to ship.  they can be easily moved from one place to another