Modular House Containers


Cheap Container Homes and Potential Issues

The different types of container homes have to be considered carefully. Some refer to old shipping containers as container homes, but these might not be very practical or reliable. For example, homes made from old products can cause problems. Buying a cheap container home from China might seem like a good idea, but it could lead to issues with water and insulation later on. A better option is to use prefabricated parts to create a practical and reliable container home. Living in a container home offers many advantages. They're modular, so they can be easily adjusted to fit the family's needs. For example, when a new family member arrives, another container can be added as a nursery. And when a family member moves out, unnecessary space can be removed. By doing this, homeowners can keep costs low and help the environment at the same time.

Affordable Container Home for Sale

Are you looking for a container homes for sale? Look no further than Prefabex! You have the opportunity to purchase a container home equipped with essential sanitary facilities, such as a shower and toilet, at a highly reasonable price. Our floor coverings come at a low cost, and our prices encompass insulation and interior fittings tailored to the container’s specifications. We offer ready to use single container homes with 21 square meters of living space, constructed to be highly insulated and dependable, all at affordable rates. 

Container Home Manufacturer

When choosing your modular container home, it is important to choose a trusted provider as Prefabex. We are a major manufacturer of modular containers and export to over 70 countries worldwide. To reduce expenses, some customers opt for container constructions from Eastern European nations like Poland, where low labor costs enable more economical production. While there is no inherent issue with sourcing from foreign suppliers, it is highly advisable to thoroughly assess the quality of the dwellings, as standards may be lower and language barriers could present challenges. Upon receipt, you have the option to self-install our disassembled shipments or request our assembly team's assistance. Constructing a container home with our products is remarkably simple. Our disassembled container systems utilize a screw mechanism and can be easily installed or removed as needed. The modular container homes we construct offer versatile functionality and can be referred to as steel container homes, known for their spacious design.

Concepts and Designs for Container Homes

Houses have different looks and designs on the outside. In modern architecture, the outside design of a building is really important. If you're thinking about building a house, you should think a lot about how it will look from the outside. The aesthetic design of the outside can make you curious about what the inside looks like. You can find ideas and pictures of eye-catching homes and their outside designs, from big houses to small ones.

Exploring Different Plans of Container Homes

It's important to address inquiries regarding the intended use and the number of occupants when deciding on a container home. For instance, a 15 m² container may suffice for expanding an existing home as a guest room or a play area for children. However, if the container is meant to serve as a living space with a kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom, a container of at least 42 m² should be selected—potentially even a combination of multiple containers.

It's important to note that standard shipping containers are not easily adaptable, so the prefabricated living containers we manufacture are a more practical choice. The installation of windows and doors onto a shipping container can pose challenges, and the structural integrity should be assessed and reinforced if necessary. Consulting with a structural engineer to create the container home plans is advisable in such instances. Our Prefabex team of engineers and architects perform a thorough range of structural calculations for the living containers we manufacture. We also prioritize the use of top-quality and corrosion-resistant materials for production. This ensures that the plans tailored for you are highly functional and practical.

Container Home Images

The materials used for the outside walls of houses, like glass, brick, wood, or concrete, determine their style and appearance. You can use these materials to draw attention to certain parts of the house, like the windows or the entrance. Fake stone or wood walls not only save money, but they also need less upkeep and can withstand bad weather. Different materials give different looks, like wood for a country style, or cement for a more modern feel. Certain materials, like brick or natural stone, are perfect for homes with a Mediterranean vibe.

Understanding Container Homes: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a container home?

Container homes are sturdy and can be safely transported. Their flexible structure allows for easy customization and changing of content. They come in different models for various purposes, such as offices and training buildings. Thanks to prefabricated construction, they offer customization options. They are long-lasting, comfortable, space-efficient, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

How much does a container home cost?

Container homes are made from containers in controlled factory conditions. They come in various sizes and can be used as permanent homes while offering aesthetic modern architecture and a minimalist lifestyle without compromising on comfort and most importantly without breaking the bank. Prefabex produces container homes in various sizes and designs while maintaining low costs and affordability. With over 30 years of experience, we serve customers worldwide. Contact us for detailed pricing information.

Where can you purchase container homes?

As Prefabex, we've been in this industry for over 25 years, serving globally. We strive to understand and meet your needs using the latest technology. Our products are made with high-quality, certified and computerized materials. Our production system is advanced and environmentally friendly, resulting in minimal impact on the environment. With low labor requirements, our buildings have minimal risk of work accidents. Our products are used in over 130 countries, and we prioritize understanding our customers' needs. Let's work together to build the future. Visit our website for detailed product information and contact us for more details.