Prefabex Provider of Premium Light Steel buildings 

We are specialized in Prefabricated construction and execution of light steel structure, with over 20 years of experience in this field. Prefaex design, sell, and manufacture Light steel buildings for a vast range of business and personal needs. In addition, we supply our customers with a variety of customized construction services.

Light steel is the perfect material for high rise buildings because it can resist high winds, earthquakes and other stressors. Due to its strength, steel frames require fewer vertical supports, which in turn makes them more cost effective, and more light gauge steel buildings are known to offer a range of construction related benefits most notably, speed of construction, flexibility designs and safety.

Applications for Light Steel Buildings

They are also popular due to the structure’ unique lightweight characteristic which makes them easy and safe to handle both during manufacture and construction. Light Steel has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and flexes with force, which is why it’s commonly used for large construction projects. Our Prefab light steel building is used across many different construction sectors; health, education, commercial, residential and leisure. As light-gauge steel buildings can be completed in a shorter term of time and mistakes caused by craftsmanship are minimized, they are more cost efficient in terms of money and time.

Whether your project is a bespoke residential development or a large scale commercial or industrial project. Prefabex offers top quality light steel buildings that are earthquake resistant, highly insulated and come in a wide range of aesthetic designs.

This light gauge steel structure is developed through a cold-formed process without the use of heat. This operation qualifies Light steel manufacturers to produce light-weight but high tensile steel slabs. The slab surface is plated with a zinc alloy that completely covers the steel surface and seals it from the corrosive action of its environment. This results in light steel buildings that are extra solid, rigid, strong, durable and easier to structure. As such, the light gauge steel frame system is an engaging alternative for use in landed properties.

Prefabex Is A Leading Supplier Of Light Steel Buildings  

When you require a custom light steel building solution, it is easy to think that you’re stuck with the traditional construction route. However, the team at Prefabex can design a custom Light steel building to meet your exact specifications. When you choose a custom light steel building structure, you will save time and the headaches that are involved with the traditional building process.

We supply state-of-the-art design, engineering and high techniques which will ensure that your project is secure and efficient. Our experienced team includes structural engineers, designers, and quality technicians. We supervise all the manufacturing and assemble all the structures and make sure that the whole process is well integrated. 

Design and manufacture steel building system

Light steel building and home technology is a manufacturing system where building elements are created from galvanised steel with a cold forming process. The constructing details whose structural design is realised are transferred to the machine and formed on the specially designed structure robot lines. Human mistakes are minimised by means of prefabrications achieved in factory environments and on robot lines.

Prefabex cold-formed steel framing layouts and designs are prepared by a professional team of engineers and architects, which reflect in the modern architecture, comfortable and functional plans. light-gauge steel is standard use in many new single homes and mid-rise buildings, such as hotels, apartments and condominiums. Also, it can be used for a variety of different applications and offers the benefits of rapid construction, durability, and even an eco-friendly building process. Light steel structure is easier to transport onto construction sites and can be a perfect choice for prefabrication too.

Advantages of Prefabex light Gauge steel construction

  • Long-life structures 
  • Economic when compared with conventional way of building
  • Can go up to three floors
  • Wide selection of external and internal finishing
  • High heat and should insulation with use of rockwool as wall insulation and glass wool as roof insulation
  • Structure is produced from galvanized steel profiles that are joined using bolts and nuts without any welding
  • High earthquake resistance
  • Fire safety
  • Rust free as structure is galvanized
  • Consistent Material Quality designed and produced at international standards
  • Extremely Accurate-As pre Designed and Fabricated
  • Light steel structures can be modified and extended easily.

Applications of Our Light Steel Solutions are:

  • Hotels and Apartment buildings
  • schools and universities 
  • homes and villas 
  • Religious facilities 
  • office buildings and retail space
  • healthcare and hospital buildings
  • Event and social Facilities
  • Commercial and Industries Facilities
  • Restaurants, Cafeterias, Dining Hall and  canteen