We cooperate with the most experienced moving companies to make sure your Prefab buildings will be delivered safely and on time. Prefabex take the hassle away from you when it comes to delivering prefab buildings. That’s because we manage the entire process, from transporting it to expert installation. We’ll design a specific plan for your prefab building delivery, taking into account the different factors. These include restricted access sites, health & safety regulations, sites of sensitive nature and remote locations.

Prefabex has a professional assembling teams that will make sure your building is installed properly and delivered to you as ready to use. Upon client request Prefabex can send a team of experienced professionals to install your structure quickly and efficiently. For those that have a crew of their own, Prefabex can send a project manager or a supervisor to monitor the construction and ensure it’s done properly.

With more than 15+ years of prefab buildings management experience, we partner with clients, design teams and builders to deliver projects that set new standards in quality, cost savings and timeliness. Our building management team has overseen hundreds of projects throughout the Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Panama, Kuwait, Palestine, Nigeria, Turkey, Ghana, and Kenya., tailoring our approach each time to achieve client goals.

Our wide experience with design-build projects allows us to create most value and flexibility, which in turn creates savings for our customers in both time and costs. we have an inclusive amount of experience in design reviews, constructability analysis, scheduling, coordination, and value engineering in all prefabricated construction types. With experience on more than 140 design-build projects, we have learned to work closely with owners and end users to create most value.

Prefabex is an expert in design and drafting services for buildings of specific structures, prefabricated metal buildings, and steel structures. It involves a wide range of solutions related to structural drafting, structure design, steel detailing, 3D modeling CAD, and construction documents. Besides, we also supply services for the planning of construction documents, fabrication drawings, and shop drawings and detailing services. our use of advanced construction technologies and technical …

Our structural analysis calculations play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and suitability of prefabricated buildings. These calculations are designed to validate the structural integrity and fitness for purpose of each formwork unit, aligning with the specific requirements of the intended use.

We offer electrical engineering design services for all types of prefab buildings. A well-designed electrical installation is a cornerstone for many other construction systems, including air handlers, water pumps, air conditioners, communication networks, lighting, and office equipment. Our design solutions are creative and innovative with energy-efficient layout, at the core to our ethos. Prefabex offers full-service solutions for all your MEP engineering construction Information Modeling (BIM) requirements.