Structural Static calculations


Structural Analysis Calculations

Our structural analysis calculations play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and suitability of prefabricated buildings. These calculations are designed to validate the structural integrity and fitness for purpose of each formwork unit, aligning with the specific requirements of the intended use. Depending on the project stage, our static calculations can range from a basic structural analysis to precise dimensions, all in compliance with local standards.

The primary objectives of our static calculation service include assessing the structural stability, durability, serviceability, and economic efficiency of the building structure. Our service encompasses detailed static overview plans, incorporating individual positions of calculations, essential component dimensions, building materials, and more.

Key aspects of our static calculations service include:

  1. Project-specific planning for formwork utilization and structural calculations for various construction functions.
  2. Providing demonstrable statics for formwork and scaffolding planning, considering relevant standards.
  3. Preparing demonstrable static calculations for both steel and reinforced concrete construction.

Through our comprehensive static calculation service, we ensure that each prefabricated building meets the highest standards of safety, durability, and efficiency.