Modern Pergolas Gallery

Prefabex Modern Pergola Kits

Modern pergola kits from Prefabex are as versatile as they are beautiful. We design and manufacture pergola kits in a number of styles, with intricately individual designs and spatial flexibility that is second to none.

There truly is something for everyone when it comes to our vast selection of modern pergola kits. From inclined pergolas, rounded pergola and flat pergolas, we can offer a diverse range of outdoor kits to meet even the strictest demands.



We Have The Perfect Pergola Solution For You

Prefabex has been specializing in shading and glazing systems. Our purpose is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces they spend most of their time in. We have extended experience with a wide diversity of different projects. Get in touch with us to learn more about our work.

Create Your Outdoor Space A Year-round Getaway

Modern designed outdoor provides protection from sun, wind, rain, snow and other external factors. It guarantees the extraordinary quality of outdoor life. The Bioclimatic Pergola System is characterized by modern design and a high level of visual and thermal comfort.

Delivering the Highest Quality Pergola

Purchasing a modern pergola from Prefabex offers a permanent, cost-effective solution for any space. Customers can either choose from our kits of pergola or take features of our truly Customer-focused, ‘design-your-own-pergola’ service. Prefabex will supply a dedicated project manager to work with you to support the design of your pergola to suit your specific needs.