Prefabricated Health Facilities


PREFABEX modular buildings are solutions developed to meet customers' space requirements perfectly no matter for what purpose.

The main advantages of PREFABEX modular buildings are:

  • Wide variety of standard plans to choose from
  • Ability to do customized projects according to customer's plans
  • Adjusting the modular building's technical specifications according to the purpose of use, the weather conditions, and the budget.
  • Environmentally friendly: By minimizing disturbance on the site, reduces construction waste, modular buildings provide green advantages over the conventional construction method
  • Save time: The whole process of design, production, delivery and assembly is time saving. While production is being conducted, the site development occurs simultaneously.
  • Quality assurance: Modular buildings are produced within clean and controlled factory environment and is inspected by quality controle during all production phases.

PREFABEX modular buildings have endless applications in different sectors. wheather you need a single storey or two storey building, PREFABEX offers the right permenant solution. PREFABEX prefabricated buildings can be used as dormitories, dining halls, offices, schools, hospitals, clinics, classrooms, military barracks, hotels, government buildings and commercial buildings.