Modular Education Buildings (Portable Classrooms, Schools & Daycare )

Prefabricated Education Building-426 M²


Whether you’re looking to create a fast space and cost effective solution for primary education, academies, higher learning or colleges & universities, our experienced team is here to help you. We can offer practical advice on all kinds of modular education buildings to make sure your school building meets your exact needs.

We're proud to design and manufacture standard plans and custom modular schools and portable classroom buildings across all types of modular educational buildings. Prefabex prefabricated buildings include a range of modular schools, classrooms, public , private schools, and modular daycare buildings. Our modular schools are ideal for shorter lead times without compromising on quality and durability.

A modular classroom building is a type of modular building installed at a school to be relocatable and quickly provide extra classroom space where there is a shortage of capacity.

(Prefabricated Education Building-426 M²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 1,770
Length (cm) 2,375
Height (cm) 250

Modular Buildings Description

Classrooms 4
Offices Rooms 1
Meeting Rooms 1
Rooms 1
Kitchens 1
Toilets 8
External Doors 2
Internal Doors 20
Windows 16

Modular Classrooms

A modular classroom is an relocatable educational building that has been manufactured off-site and then assembled on its school location. 

Prefabex relocatable & modular classrooms provide an immediate solution for continued growth problems and changing populations in educational space.

Thanks to the modular building system, it has never been so easy to quickly provide temporary solution, high-quality classrooms for your students.

Need modern, relocatable and adaptable classrooms? 

Prefabex relocatable classrooms and modular school buildings are cost-effective building solutions to accommodate permanent and temporary classroom overcrowding issues.

Our portable classrooms buildings are premium quality because they are not built at your school site. constructing prefabrication happens at an off-site factory. 

Prefabex provides portable classrooms and modular classroom buildings using our standard floor plans or custom designs for temporary or permanent applications.

New Portable Classrooms & Modular Buildings For Sale

We provide temporary modular classrooms, for sale. plan sizes range from three classrooms to more than 30 classrooms.

We carry a wide inventory of new modular schools and portable classrooms, ready for immediate delivery to your site.

Our modular buildings offer classrooms, nurseries, schools, colleges and universities the opportunity to purchase high quality portable classroom accommodation at a lower price.

Prefabex modular classroom and school buildings are a great option for education construction that faster and cheaper than conventional construction.