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Prefabricated Multipurpose Building -114 m²


These days self-contained modular accommodation & Housing buildings complete with office, living and sleeping areas and ensuites are a very popular choice, especially if staff and workers are to be housed there for a longer period of time. Prefabex portable multipurpose containers are good examples of how comfortable and accessible these types of container accommodations can be. Whether it’s a permanent addition or temporary accommodation solutions.

Prefabex modular accommodation housing & office buildings meet every need for a workspace and accommodation with their adaptable space that is built to withstand the heavy daily use of public facilities. Whether it is a living space, accommodation space, working space, utility space—we’ll give you all the spaces you need, each designed for the health, safety and comfort of your staff.


(Multipurpose Building -114 m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 900
Length (cm) 1,266
Height (cm) 250

Modular Buildings Description

Rooms 1
Bedrooms 2
Dining Room 1
Toilets 2
Showers 3
External Doors 2
Internal Doors 7
Windows 8

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