Portable Office Containers & Site Offices

Modular Office Container-259 M² 


Prefabex portable office containers are indispensable solutions through all stages of construction projects thanks to their quick installation, economic prices and secure living areas they provide for managers and workers at the worksite. 

Our office containers are perfect for those needing completely relocatable and flexible office space with low cost.

Because of this, they are being used by many industries, some of which include: manufacturing offices, warehouse offices, construction site offices, showrooms offices, inplant offices, sales offices and Government offices.



(Modular Office Container-259 M²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 960
Length (cm) 3,000
Height (cm) 260

Containers Description

Offices Rooms 7
Large Office Rooms 1
Meeting Rooms 1
Toilets 3
External Doors 2
Internal Doors 13
Windows 20

Prefabex Office containers are affordable and fast office space

A portable office container is a pre-fabricated units that has been manufactured off site and then transported to its site location. 

Using many of our standard, modular flat pack components, Prefabex manufacturers pre assembled office containers or site offices that are highly portable in nature.

High Quality Office Containers For sale at competitive price

Prefabex sells portable office containers for a variety of uses including sales offices, project offices, administrative offices and more.

Whether you need mobile or permanent office construction, our portable office containers are built to the same structural standards as traditional offices.