Portable Restroom & Sanitary Containers

Modular Toilet-Shower Container-KWC201 


Our modular toilets and Showers container are amongst the most important elements in most facilities. Prefabex supply mobile toilet and portable shower units, designed and installed with care, attention and expertise. We can work with you to customize your modular restrooms to seamlessly integrate with both locker rooms and bathing facilities. 

Prefabex choses all materials used in portable WC and shower units from quality certified products. modular WC - shower containers buildings are manufactured based on different plans in terms of customer preferences with affordable cost. You can view a single WC, single shower or both WC & shower plans depending on the request.

(Modular Toilet-Shower Container-KWC201)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 300
Length (cm) 700
Height (cm) 260

Containers Description

Toilets 7
Sinks 5
Internal Doors 7
External Doors 1

What are Restroom Containers?

Restroom containers are modular Toilet cubicles that are used to construct restrooms in commercial and industrial settings. They are designed to provide a private, enclosed space for each bathroom user and are typically made from light steel cold roll formed profiles that can be quickly and easily assembled.

High Quality, ADA  & Affordable Restroom Containers

Our toilet and restroom containers are designed and manufactured to your specification to be fully ADA compliant – providing affordable solutions and full flexibility for our full range of Options.

We have a range of sanitary containers including locker room, modular wc, bathroom, ablution room and shower in various sizes and finishes to suit your needs! Ideal for the school campus, construction site, festivals and events, and sports complexes and arenas, this range offers a cost effective and high-quality alternative.