Sustainable Prefabricated Home

Modular Home -86 m²


Prefabex prefabricated modular homes are stylish, durable, and high-performance, and cost less than the conventional home, some of the world’s most creative, innovative, and visionary architects, designers, and builders are working in the prefabricated construction realm these days, and the technology moves forward with every new project.

Modular house (prefabricated houses) are specialized houses where the components are constructed off-site in standard sections to be assembled and finished on-site. As an alternative to traditional building techniques.

We offer a range of solutions consisting of houses, bungalows, villas and apartments and offer bespoke designed emergency accommodation to support homeless individuals and families.

Our mission at Prefabex is to supply beautiful modular and prefab homes at affordable prices.

Advantages of our modular home:

  • Price is cheaper than traditional houses.
  • It is resistant to earthquake because it is produced with steel
  • It can be easily separated and transported from the floor.
  • It can be produced as luxury by using material as per request.
  • Electrical and water installations are produced as ready.

(Modular Home -86 m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 893
Length (cm) 1077
Height (cm) 250

House Description

Bedrooms 3
Living Rooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Kitchens 1
Hall 1
Internal Doors 6
External Doors 1
Windows 7

What are Sustainable Modular Homes?

Sustainable modular homes are built in a factory and shipped to the site for final assembly. Sustainable prefabrication homes allow builders to integrate more complex technology in ways that also reduce costs and increase quality.

Prefabex is one of the Turkey's leading Sustainable Modular Homes

For high quality, reliable modular homes choose Prefabex, the Turkey's leading provider of Prefabricated and portable modular homes. Our modular homes are guaranteed to meet or exceed all existing local housing construction loads and codes for the lifetime of the building structure.

Manufactured, Innovative & Sustainable Modular homes are our specialty

We've got hundreds of prefabricated home floor plans to select from, and we can make fully custom modular homes as well. Contact Prefabex Modular Building Solutions today!

Prefabex Sustainable Modular Homes Are A Fast & Economical Way To Create Housing !

Prefabex modular homes are factory built and sustainable homes delivered in 2 weeks in Turkey. View our Modular Prefab Homes range modular, prefab, relocatable, transportable homes and granny flats.