Modular Restaurant, Lunchroom & Canteen Buildings

Prefabricated Dining Hall Buildings -98 M²


Do you need a temporary or permanent dining hall and cafeteria building? Our team can help you by offering from a wide range of ready plans and solutions. Our team can also work with you on your customized solution that best meets your requirements in terms of area, functions, number of people to be served and budget. 

Prefabex modular cafeteria and mess hall building is a great fit for underground mining complexes, military branches, dormitories, wedding venues, temporary site accommodation, as well as commercial businesses and organizations that intend to feed guests or staff members. The portable cafeteria features all the essential rooms which include a large kitchen, spacious dining area, storage/supply room, as well as a convenient delivery entry. 

A Prefabricated dining hall building is also described as a modular mess hall building, portable restaurant, Prefabricated Refectory buildings,  Temporary canteens and dining hall, Modular temporary dining facility or mobile Cafeterias. Prefabex modular mess hall buildings are all ready to install and use,  long-lasting, durable, appealing and low cost.

Create lunchrooms and dining halls with Prefabex modular building solutions. Prefabex modular lunchrooms building and wall systems supply the ideal solutions for quickly integrating buildings into existing facilities.

Prefabex prefabricated modular dinng hall and lunchrooms buildings feature high quality designs and engineering, durable construction, and outstanding usability with superior ease of installation.

(Prefabricated Dining Hall-98 M²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 649
Length (cm) 1,517
Height (cm) 250

Modular Buildings Description

Large Dining Hall 1
Large Kitchens 1
External Doors 2
Internal Doors 1
Windows 8