Premium & Modern Pergolas

Rounded Pergola Aquila


Wonderful architectural icon. High quality items and aesthetic details blended into creating aquila systems. With no supporting pillars in front for an unbroken view, to have a great outdoor experience without significant constraints. 

The Aquila Flat system adds a lovely touch for your place , to cover the maximum area by hanging two pergolas to a middle steel structure, with straight lines and flat construction integrating into the surrounding environment.

The draining system is integrated within the flat structure, by adding a side trapezium gutter to collect the water from the fabric, to the linked chains.

Prefabex is proud to present the new generation of the pergola systems, with the intelligent design, and the additional smart features.

Extensive range of Sioen, and Serge Ferrari fabrics available in different varieties of colors and textures.

The Lighting system in Prefabex products, is a hidden led lighting system integrated in fabric profiles dimmable, and controlled by remote control. The motorization and automation systems are from the giant Somfy.

(Rounded Pergolas Aquila)