Modern Custom Prefabricated School

steel frame school Building (Saudi Arabia)

Client was in need of school building that was time sensitive and budget friendly. After studying different alternatives, the client chose light steel frame structure in order to achieve their vision of innovative modern design and permanent space.

The building includes administrative space, restrooms, storage rooms, standard classrooms, and specialized classrooms for, art, technology, special education, locker rooms, and physical education.

Our modular and steel educational buildings options give you complete flexibility to create educational space to fit your exact needs. Prefabex prefabricated school & education buildings are built to meet your specific design requirements and material specifications without compromising the quality.

Advantages of Prefabex Light Steel Framing in Educational facility

  • Flexible spaces thanks to column-free areas
  • Wide selection of external and internal finishing
  • Noncombustible material that can be easily fire protected
  • Budget savings in terms of both upfront and long-term operating costs
  • Adaptiveness, as a light steel framing system is easier to expand or remodel
  • High heat and should insulation with use of rockwool as wall insulation and glass wool as roof insulation
  • Enhanced framing quality through a long-lasting, durable high-quality material manufactured off-site to tight tolerances


  • location: Saudi Arabia
  • Installation Time: 8 weeks
  • Area: 1414m²
  • Building system: Light steel frame structure