Prefabricated Building For In-plant Modular Offices

Modular In-plant Office (Turkey)

Our client wanted to integrate function and modern design to create an impressive 40 m2 office and meeting space in their plant facility.

The customer worked with Prefabex to design and build a cost-effective custom In-plant modular office. Prefabex specified modular structure system to provide flexible, high-quality office space and reduce overall cost of the project.

We finished a full solution, including internal and external finishes, automatic aluminum door, windows, and floor mounted protection barriers according to customer requirements.

Prefabex designs and manufactures prefabricated modular offices for any application including sales office, in-plant office complexes and temporary jobsite/ construction offices. We are able to offer innovative modular office solutions that meet strict international quality standards. Prefabex modular offices supply facility owners’ absolute flexibility to interact swiftly and economically to the ever-changing needs of their businesses.

Many factories prefer Prefabex to handle their prefabricated office building because of our dedication in suppling high quality In-plant modular offices immediately and at competitive prices.


  • Location: Turkey
  • Installation Time: 2 days
  • Area: 40m²
  • Building System: Modular Structure