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Building a house has always been one of the most important decisions a person has to make in his life. While taking this decision, it is difficult to achieve the equation of building affordable, durable, quality and aesthetic house. PREFABEX is proud to offer its extensive range of modular homes that are economic, stylish, and come with wide selection of internal and external finishing.

Whether you are looking for a bungalow or villa, you can choose from our standard range of plans and designs. PREFABEX can also build your dream house according to your own plans and design.

 The advantages of PREFABEX houses are:

  • Controlled quality that is ensured by the pre-manufacturing of all the elements of the house within modern factory conditions.
  • The modular homes building process is quick as all parts such has doors, windows, electric network, plumbing network and fixtures come included in the product.
  • Assembly of the house is fast and can be completed within few days, which helps in avoiding negative effects resulting from bad weather conditions, site disturbance, site pollution...etc
  • Energy saving thanks to the high insulation of the walls and roof.
  • Wide range of architectural solutions including external and internal options for finishing.

PREFABEX bungalows and villas are ideal for personal accommodation, government social housing projects, tourist villages, employee accommodation projects and chalets.