Temporary Site Construction and Cabins

Mdular Flat Pack Container-K108 


prefabex temporary site construction and cabins can come with WC & shower, kitchen, one or two rooms, and according to different plans. The main advantage of modular flatpack containers is their demountable structures that allow shipping them as disassembled, which reduces transportation cost significantly then they can be installed quickly on site within few hours. 

prefabex products come with all quality certificates for all materials used in production. From windows to interior doors, lighting fittings to water installation and connections, toilet seats to batteries, all items used in our temporary site construction and cabins are chosen from among top Turkish brands. 

Prefabex temporary site construction and cabins are preferred as modular classrooms, temporary accommodation, disaster relief housing, site office, storage, kitchen, bathroom, meeting room, hospital, underground mining complexes, workforce camps, security shacks, etc.

(Mdular Flat Pack Container-K108)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 240
Length (cm) 600
Height (cm) 260

Containers Description

Rooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Internal Doors 3
External Doors 1
Windows 2