permanent & temporary modular Container Buildings

Modular Flat Pack Container-K109 


Prefabex flat pack container used at temporary accommodation sites in places such as construction sites where the working area changes after a while, as it is easy to disassemble and assemble them. prefabex modular flat pack containers offer the flexibility to combine units to create an expandable space. 

Our experienced team works with the best materials to meet your specific needs. Walls, doors, lighting, ventilation, partitions, color are some of the ways we can fit a building to meet your needs. 

prefabex permanent & temporary modular container buildings are products of maximum security and are carefully planned and designed by our architectures and technical office. Production of joined containers is being carried out in our modern production facilities as disassembled under the supervision of experienced teams. After that they are transported to the requested location for assembly and delivered as ready to use.

(Modular Flat Pack Container-K109)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 240
Length (cm) 600
Height (cm) 260

Containers Description

Rooms 1
Toilets 1
Internal Doors 2
External Doors 1
Windows 2