Portable Restrooms - Toilets

WC- Shower -130x130


When working remotely in the agricultural, mining, oil, gas, and Energy or construction sites, taking a shower after a long day is a top priority. Of course, in remote areas, this is not always simple. We understand the importance of these facilities, and we offer affordable shower cabins available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our mobile toilet cabins are cost effective while remaining sturdy enough to provide adequate protection and allow the resident to be comfortable on the job.

Our Portable toilet and shower cabins are strong and durable and are the perfect to use for construction sites, events, parks, resorts and open beaches exhibitions, large public gatherings, campsites, and refugee camps.


(WC- Shower -130x130)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 130
Length (cm) 130
Height (cm) 235