Security Guard Shack

Panel Cabin -250x400


Security guard shacks are small, portable buildings that provide a safe place for security guards to work. Prefabex makes these guard shacks that are used in many different places like government facilities, airports, and stadiums. They are strong and durable, and can protect people and properties. Our guard shacks are designed to meet your specific needs and are built to last. They are also visually appealing as they can be designed with aesthetic features and can enhance the overall look of your site.



(Panel Cabin -250x400)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 250
Length (cm) 400
Height (cm) 235

Leading Manufacturers of Prefabricated Security Guard Shack

Prefabex, one of the leading portable security guard shacks manufacturers in the world, can produce prefab security guard shacks in any size you want and deliver them anywhere in the world. With our stocked production system, we can meet your needs without making you wait. We have booths in all sizes from 130×130 to 300×400. You can contact us for high quality low price guard booths booths, prefabricated guard shack, toll booths and guardhouses you can choose for all your needs.

High Security Guard Shacks

A prefabricated security guard shack is a small building where security guards work to control who enters and leaves a place like a school, workplace, or hospital. These guard shacks are easy to set up quickly and cost less than traditional buildings. They are important for keeping people safe and ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter certain areas. Having good security in place helps things run smoothly and efficiently in any type of facility.

Affordable Security Guard Shacks

At Prefabex, we specialize in making prefabricated security guard shacks that are really tough and can withstand any kind of bad weather or disasters. We make special products for big projects like military camps or mining camps, and our products are known for being really strong and lasting a long time. We also care about the environment and make sure to be responsible wherever we do business, whether it's in a remote area or a community. If you want to have a security guard shack that's good for the environment and really safe, please get in touch with us.

Portable Security Guard Shacks for Sale – Lowest Prices

Whether you call it a mobile security guard shacks, guard booths or guardhouses, we have the perfect solution for you and your business. 

Prefabex provides the most cheapest and well built security guard shacks, mobile guard booths, parking booths, Prefab guard shack prices for sale.