Security Booths - Retail shops - Cashier Booth

Modern Kiosk -150x220 cm


Our versatile modular cabins and kiosks can be utilized as secure bag-drop units, control rooms, security huts, temporary police stations, guard booths, ticketing kiosks, fast food kiosks and more. Each building is tailor-built to your exact specifications.

Prefabex modular cabins offer a quick and easy solution to creating your Security Building, quickly and effortlessly. Our modular cabins are produced using  quality materials and according to international standards. 

our modular cabins buildings are portable. This means you have the option to move or relocate them whenever there is a need to redesign your site or completely move it to another location. For large, multi-property worksites and temporary worksites, this flexibility can save you a significant amount of cost and time when moving between sites.

(Modern Kiosk -150x220 cm)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 200
Length (cm) 200
Weight (kg) 270