Security Guard Shacks - Guard Shelters

Modern Kiosk -200x300 cm


Protect your staff, customers and property with modular security cabins and kiosks! Our solutions will help you with fully assembled security cabins for School security booths, construction sites, government buildings, factories, embassies, car park lots and more. Prefabricated cabins and kiosk structure are ideal solutions for your security needs and can be delivered, totally assembled, and ready to use in a few days.

When you choose a Prefabex modular cabin or kiosk, total costs and completion schedules are far more predictable than they are with traditional on-site construction. Your guard booth is crafted in a factory setting, which also eliminates the risk of inclement weather delaying your project’s completion.

(Modern Kiosk -200x300 cm)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 200
Length (cm) 300
Height (cm) 270