Commercial Modular Buildings (Modular Office, In-plant Office, Sales Office)

Prefabricated Office Building-562 M²


We offer a variety of commercial modular buildings and packages to ensure your modular office is ready to work from day one. They are extremely flexible. The prefabricated office solution is widely preferred as  it saves both time and money. The different office requirements can all be filled by modular office building

These commercial modular buildings are easily adaptable and flexible, offering a variety of designs in layout and materials used. A variety of panel skins and cores to better fit your application. With over 25 years’ experience in the prefabricated industry, Prefabex has the expertise and know-how to provide the perfect solution to your space needs.

Our prefabricated office building provides all the comforts and functionality of traditional office space when and where you need it. Modular office can substantially reduce costs and construction time. portable office units utilize the same high-quality materials, meet the same building codes, and are subject to the same stringent inspections as conventional buildings. Plumbing and electrical wiring are pre-installed, which cuts down on the need for multiple subcontractors on the jobsite. Internal plans can reflect your exact needs and include employees offices, managers offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, toilets, recreational areas, and many other functions.

(Prefabricated Office Building-562 M²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 1,270
Length (cm) 4,375
Height (cm) 250

Modular Buildings Description

Offices Rooms 11
Meeting Rooms 2
Toilets 4
Kitchens 1
External Doors 1
Internal Doors 22
Windows 28

What is a Commercial modular Building?

A commercial modular buildingis created in modules structure that when put together on site, reflect the identical design intent and features of the most advanced site-built facility – without compromise.

A commercial modular building from Prefabex is an efficient solution for a commercial business solution. Every modular office comes with its own unique design elements, and you’ll work with our experienced team to make a facility that reflects those needs. These modular office buildings are built to house a significant number of staff, which means they need to be efficient, durable, and safe.

Valuable Reasons Why Must You Buying Commercial Modular Buildings From Prefabex

Prefabex prefabricated modular office buildings are indispensable solutions through all stages of construction projects thanks to their quick installation, economic prices and secure living areas they provide for managers and workers at the construction site. A permanent modular office building or temporary office space solution is constructed off-site while your site is being prepared.

Prefabex prefab and modular office building products supply you with unlimited flexibility to react quickly and cost-effectively to your demands.

Delivering the Highest Quality Off-site construction For Commercial Modular Offices

Purchasing a commercial modular buildings from Prefabex offers a permanent, cost-effective solution for any company. Customers can either choose from our kits of modular office buildings or take features of our truly Customer-focused, ‘design-your-own-building’ service. Prefabex will supply a dedicated project manager to work with you to support the design you’re building to suit your specific needs.

Buying a modular office building directly from Prefabex manufacturer prefabricated buildings not only helps guarantee its quality, it can help save you a lot of money.

Types of Prefabex Commercial Modular Buildings

  • Modular Sales office Centres 

  • Modular office complexes

  • Prefabricated Administrative and Management Offices

  • Mobile office trailers

  • Dispatch, Security and Emergency offices

  • Temporary office buildings 

  • Engineering and In-plant offices

  • Permanent offices buildings

  • Portable Offices Containers

  • Temporary Jobsite/ Construction Offices