Modular office Buildings (in plant offices, warehouse offices)

Prefabricated Office Building-232 M²


Our prefabricated office buildings can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and finishes, are easily installed, and most importantly, at affordable prices. They can be requisitioned for a wide range of applications including: education facilities, work buildings, municipality buildings, management centers, Government & Military Buildings, cashier station, security offices, parking control, guard booths, observation towers and Factory Entrances.

One of the most useful implementations of prefabricated buildings is the adaptation or fabrication of them for the purpose of providing modular offices buildings. Some portable offices are temporary requirements, some are additions to pre-existing facilities and others are permanent office buildings.

We’ve been supplying modular office building for a range of industries all over the world. When you choose Prefabex, you benefit from our long history of expertise and personalized customer care.

(Prefabricated Office Building-232 M²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 1,151
Length (cm) 2,019
Height (cm) 250

Modular Buildings Description

Offices Rooms 8
Meeting Rooms 1
Toilets 2
Kitchens 1
External Doors 1
Internal Doors 13
Windows 15

Modular Office Buildings

Modular office buildings are components elements that are prefabricated off-site and then delivered to the site where the building will be located.

Modular Buildings For Portable In-plant offices, warehouse offices & Complexes Offices

Need a prefabricated office building or modular inplant office buildings that supply more square feet than our standard modular office units? Or maybe you need our modular solution systems that are intended for longer term projects? Either way, find our prefabricated office to discover the perfect solutions for your job.

Prefabex modular office systems supply a controlled office space that is designed to fit your specific needs. With a growing and changing business, space needs can change rapidly. Prefabricated office building system allows you to address space needs in a moment’s notice with minimum disruption for the facility.

Fast, Cost-effective Solutions for Office Space with Prefab Modular office Buildings

Prefabex modular office buildings provide business owners to create custom modern office spaces to meet your company’s needs. Each prefab office building we manufacture is designed to include enough space for employee offices, administrative offices, conference rooms, storage and any other room you demand.

Prefab prefab systems provide premium modular office buildings. All of our modular offices & Inplant buildings kits are constructed off-site with high quality materials. The modular offices ship from the factory, going immediately to the final site for assembly.

Prefabex prefab office buildings are constructed with fast and high quality, saving you time with built traditional construction. Get all the off-site office space you need with our modular office buildings.