7 Prefabricated Schools in Ghana

With the evolving need for developing the educational sector in Ghana, the government decided to use the help of Prefabex in providing prefabricated school buildings in its cities. Cities like Fiaji, Kibi, Jinjini, Goaso, Koforidua, Cape Coast and Accra have initiated the program.

The program includes building 7 schools with the same design and layout in a maximum construction time of 8 weeks on 625m2 per school. The light steel schools will be equipped with the essential amenities to ensure a complete and professional educational system that complies with the government's vision and mission. The buildings will include classrooms, management offices, break areas with a kitchen and a dining area in addition to laboratories and libraries. Using light steel school buildings would enhance the educational process in Ghana and comply with the latest considerations of including artificial intelligence with the aid of robotics in flourishing education.