Steel frame office and residential buildings IN SAUDI ARABIA

Prefabex has recently sent two light steel buildings to Saudi Arabia. One of the buildings is 870 m² four storey office building and the other is 740 m² three storey residential building.

The technology is still new in the market, and the Saudi government is encouraging new building technologies to help in meeting the increasing demand.

The construction of the two buildings has drawn a lot of attention from the local developers, construction companies and individuals.

Prefabex is expecting demand to increase rapidly on this building technology in Saudi Arabia within the year 2018.

Prefabex designed and manufactured custom commercial office space solutions that would handle all of the client needs. The three-story office building we installed within the scope of this project with our light steel system has a size of 717m² and thanks to its unique design and aesthetic appearance it stands out as a unique landmark in the city. 

The steel office building was manufactured to include independent offices, conference rooms, and large open spaces for cubicles or other partition systems.

Whether you have large or small businesses, Prefabex assistance helps your operations stay on track and move speedily with confidence.

The light Steel structure is the efficient, strong and sturdy solution for commercial office buildings. They save time on build and they’re guaranteed to last. We supply clever designs, practical solutions, and aesthetically appealing metal commercial buildings at an affordable price.

The project was designed by our architects to reflect client’s exact needs, the design was then converted to a light steel structure taking into consideration the static calculations that match the areas requirements in terms of wind speed, snow load, seismic value and other calculation criteria.