7 Modular Buildings in Ghana

Hearts of Oak, the renowned Ghana Premier League side, has entered into a significant agreement with Prefabex for the construction of seven modular buildings at their Pobiman training grounds. The Hearts of Oak Pobiman Academy Project, finalized in August 2019 at the World Trade Centre in Accra, marks a significant development for the football club.

The signing event, attended by key personalities including Taj Edin Alkhatib, president and CEO of Prefabex, and Yousef Haikal, president and CEO of Cube, was a momentous occasion. Notable figures like the former CEO of the Club, Vincent Sowah Odotei, and the former and present NCC Chairman, Alhaji Akambi and Elvis Herman, added prestige to the ceremony.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe, a member of the Hearts of Oak Board, emphasized the far-reaching impact of the Hearts of Oak Pobiman Academy Project, stating that it will not only benefit Hearts of Oak but also set a groundbreaking precedent for football clubs in Ghana.

The academy buildings encompass various essential facilities, including junior and senior residences, management housing units, a gym, training centers, laundry, medical units, guest house, toilet facilities, kitchen, and a dining hall. PREFABEX, within the project's scope, efficiently constructed seven modular buildings, comprising three two-storey and four one-storey prefabricated structures.

Remarkably, the entire project, covering an area of approximately 2500 square meters, was manufactured in just 45 days. All components, such as doors, windows, insulation, paint, ceramic tiles, electric and plumbing networks, external cladding, and cubicle partitions, were meticulously included before shipping.

Prefabex's team successfully installed the buildings, ensuring they were ready for use within an impressive three-month timeframe. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to modern, efficient construction methods and exemplifies PREFABEX's dedication to delivering high-quality projects within specified timelines.