Catering Kiosk

Polyester Cabin -390x990


Prefabex portable modular cabins and kiosks are portable solutions, which means you can easily move them to another location if required. This will help you better plan your site space needs and redesign if there is such a need. Furthermore you can decorate our cabins and equip them with all necessary kitchen appliances, as well as toilets for your workers and guests. 

Our portable cabins and kiosks are designed to be set up quickly and easily which greatly reduces on-site construction costs. Prefabex modular cabins and kiosk buildings became the most favorable choice worldwide for clients looking for a security cabin, ice cream kiosks, catering kiosks, tickets sales kiosks, security check posts.  With dimensions up to 3.9 x 12 m you can choose among our versatile and wide range of portable wide cabins with the advantages of long-lasting, and cost-effectiveness.

(Polyester Cabin -390x990)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 390
Length (cm) 990
Height (cm) 280
Weight (kg) 2150

Dimensions and Description