Prefabricated Security Booths - Guard House

Polyester Cabin -270x870


By definition, a portable cabin or kiosk is a station area or checkpoint area for security staff to monitor the coming and going of a business location. These modular units are commonly seen at hospitals, ticketing kiosks, information points and educational facilities, where a security guard will check-in and check-out whoever enters and exits the property.

Prefabex is proud to introduce its wide collection of kiosks and booths designed to suit your requirements which allows versatility to offer bespoke customer driven products.  These units are suitable for all types of industry including sale of tickets, retail and catering units, offices, parking booths.

(Polyester Cabin -270x870)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 270
Length (cm) 870
Height (cm) 245
Weight (kg) 1450

Dimensions and Description