Mobile Security Booths - Guardhouse

Polyester Cabin -270x510


Prefabex portable kiosks and cabin security can be customized with many different options and layouts. We will work with you to design a cabin unit that will best fit your individual needs. Our modular kiosks and cabins are ideal for parking booths or for an attendant booth or building sites or check stations. They are climate controlled and insulated to shelter your employees from any severe weather.

Also referred to as portable security cabins, portable security booths, a portable shack building, portable office building, portable kiosks, guard booths, guardhouse, security huts, panel cabin, and guard posts. Guard buildings serve as points of entry, observation towers, parking control, building sites, perimeter stations, checkpoints, military structures, and so on. Overall, guard buildings provide a safe shelter for those on the grounds of your institution.

(Polyester Cabin -270x510)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 270
Length (cm) 510
Height (cm) 245
Weight (kg) 1000

Dimensions and Description