Portable Restroom

Portable Toilet & Shower Cabin -150x390


Prefabex portable WC and shower cabin and kiosk feature both practical usage and economic prices. Our sanitary facilities are manufactured with top quality and long-life characteristics based on different plans that are always available in stock. ready to use WC and shower cabins are produced from single unit cabins up to 70 square meters that contain many WC and shower units.

With its affordable and modular design, our modular WC and Shower cabins are ideal for Manufacturing facilities, public places, picnic areas, construction sites, exhibitions, Parks or Rest Areas, stadiums and so on. Our high-quality WC and shower cabins are available in different sizes and with numerous equipment options. This allows the cabins to be perfectly customized to your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us to get the answers you need to make your mobile WC and shower cabins purchase decisions with confidence.  Should you already have a sketch of what you need you can email it to us by filling out our contact form on our Contact Page for a quotation.

(Toilet & Shower Cabin -150x390)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 150
Length (cm) 390
Height (cm) 245
Weight (kg) 600

Dimensions and Description