Prefab Guard Booths - Security Shack

Polyester Cabin -390x390


Prefabex cabins and kiosks offer the best quality and value for money for customers requiring portable offices, sales points, work space or security gatehouses. portable cabins and kiosks provide a secure, strong and long-lasting element to any work location. You can ask for a customized design, or choose from our range of standard portable cabin and kiosk Packages.

A portable cabin system is a product of high-tech and contemporary design insight. Such cabins are used in many fields, some of which are: security points, sale units, carpark post offices, park, fair, beach, police and military watching places, buffets, dressing units, site buildings, domiciles, offices, ticket booths, etc.

Our Modular cabins and kiosks are becoming popular solutions across all life sectors thanks to their quick production and installation, aesthetic designs, portability and above all competitive prices.

(Polyester Cabin -390x390)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 390
Length (cm) 390
Height (cm) 280
Weight (kg) 1150

Dimensions and Description