Modular Guard Booths - Custom Security Shack

Polyester Cabin -270x630


Prefabex offers the best selection of portable kiosks and cabins in the industry. With state-of-the-art booth designs, advanced security features with low cost. Our temporary kiosks and cabins are manufactured to stand up to any unique purpose that you may need them for.  

Our portable cabin arrives at your facility fully assembled and ready for use. This kiosk building not only increases the safety of your facility but saves you time and money in the process. And that can be customized to fit in with the surrounding architecture of your building to ensure an integration into your design.

(Polyester Cabin -270x630)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 270
Length (cm) 630
Height (cm) 245
Weight (kg) 1150

Dimensions and Description