Prefabricated Steel Homes

Steel frame Home- 119 m²


A steel frame home is built in a controlled factory environment in steel frame structure or steel profiles, and is engineered and constructed to the state building codes where the home will be located. The steel profiles are specially shaped through roll form machines to give different building elements such as wall panels, roof structure, joists , flooring chassis and ceiling panels.

Prefabex steel frame homes are also called steel kit houses, as walls are produced with standard dimensions with insulation already included. a 100 m2 steel frame house can be assembled within 4 days by a professional assembling team.

housing using cold-formed steel can be built very safely. Steel frame structures can realise earthquake energy due to their flexibility.

View all of the steel frame home floor plans available from Prefabex. We specialize in modern and sustainable steel frame homes.

(Steel frame Home- 119 m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 985
Length (cm) 1215
Height (cm) 250