prefabricated steel homes

Steel Frame Home- 86 m²


Steel homes are also known as steel frame homes. These homes are a more advanced, modern version of modular homes.  It uses cold formed galvanized steel profiles as the main bearing building structure. The steel profiles are specially shaped through roll form machines to give different building elements such as wall panels, roof structure, joists , flooring chassis and ceiling panels. 

Our steel homes are manufactured on our premises and erected on site in a few days. They come fully wired and plumbed and customised to your needs.

A huge benefit of steel frame homes is the speed with which they are constructed. While a conventional home would take an average of 30 weeks to be constructed, a steel frame home could be finished in a mere two weeks – with an extra 1-3 weeks until the home is in a livable condition.

(Steel Frame Home- 86 m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 800
Length (cm) 1175
Height (cm) 250