Steel building homes & Cost of Steel Structure House

Steel Frame Home -227m²


In general, steel framed homes usually cost 30% less than stick-built homes. The land, materials, and labor costs are often lower for steel building homes.

Steel building homes have become today's alternative to traditional stick-built homes . Steel framed homes is higher quality, less expensive to build and will have you living in your new mdoern home without dealing with the hassle of traditional construction

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(Steel Frame Home -227m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 1207
Height (cm) 1812
Height (cm) 250

Cost of Steel Structure Houses

It depends on how you would like the final home finishing to be. As you can customize your home addition to your liking, this will play a role in the final pricing. However, since on-site additions take much longer, you will save both time and money using steel home extensions for your location home renovation. Finally, our steel frame home extensions are energy efficient, which can help you save on utility costs. Of course, we supply a free consultation and quote so you know what to expect!