Manufactured Steel Homes & Steel Framed Houses

Steel Frame Home -175m²


What is a manufactured steel home? Like steel frame homes, manufactured steel homes are constructed inside a factory environment and then transported to the home site.

Our manufactured steel homes are specifically designed to achieve a more sustainable future, taking into account their whole-life environmental impact.

Prefabex is one of the most experienced and well developed manufacturers in the production of steel frame houses. Click to get information about steel houses prices and technical specifications. Affordable, uniquely designed steel homes are here.


(Steel Frame Home -175m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Length (cm) 1420
Width (cm) 1450
Height (cm) 250

We provide a Large Selection of Manufactured Steel Homes

We provide a large selection of manufactured steel homes and steel frame houses and with many style and floor plans on display to help you visualize your dream.

Explore steel frame houses as an affordable housing option with great eco benefits like energy efficiency, high-quality and sustainable features.