Modern Houses With Steel Frame Structures

Steel Frame Home -195m²


Our extended service provides a vast diversity of selections of modern steel frame houses, featuring
options of one or two-story homes with the preference for multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and
living rooms. We provide functionality and modernized style also maintaining a high level of
comfort and coziness in each room to match your lifestyle.

Our modern steel houses with steel frame structures offer a fast and efficient living solution that can be delivered and assembled almost anywhere. 

Browse Prefabex kits over 100 steel frame home plans to help build your dream home! Choose from a vast variety of all architectural styles and designs.

(Steel Frame Home -195m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Length (cm) 1720
Width (cm) 1200
Height (cm) 250

We offers Steel House Floor Plans to Meet Every Taste and Budget

As you can see by just these steel house plans, the possibilities are nearly endless with the customization of steel frame house floor plans. The beauty is, the standard floor plans just assist cut down on the time it takes for you to search for your dream home. Instead of starting from scratch, you can find the floor plan that closely fits your requirements and wants and then work with your sales representative to discuss customization options.