Modern Steel framing Home

Steel Frame Home -283m²


Steel framing homes are residences built in a controlled factory environment in structural frame steel and then transported to the final site. Light gauge steel framin systems consist of structural frames fabricated using cold formed steel modules or sections.

We manufacture and supply steel framing homes and apartments. The light steel framing systems are designed to provide maximum strength and durability requested for high-scale buildings projects. 

We have over 25  year's experience designing, fabricating and building steel framed homes ideal for families, developers and retailers buyers. 

(Steel Frame Home -283m²)

House Description

Master Rooms 3
Bathrooms 4
Salons 1
kitchen + Dining Room 1
Garage 1
Pantry Rooms 1
Porch 2
Dressing Rooms 3
Corridor 1

Dimensions (cm)

Width (cm) 1882
Height (cm) 250
Length (cm) 2691

Luxury and Healthy Living With Prefabex Steel Framing Homes

As a Steel Framing Solutions builder, We knew our passion was in providing luxury, well-built high quality homes. We discovered that steel frame and modular construction are  a building system that permits us to consistently deliver on our promise to our customers without the need to become a steel framing home manufacturer.

Discover new steel frame construction homes or modular houses By Prefabex. find out floor plans, media and projects for steel framing homes.

We supply wide range of luxury modular steel home plans, including ranch, Town villa, Cape Cod, Chalet and Colonial style homes.

The Process of Creating Prefabex Steel Frame Highly Flexible

Minimalistic and flexible designed, these modular steel houses provide a cost-effective, modern solution to create the perfect steel frame house in the location of your choice.

Our experience team will make a high-quality, unique contemporary home that is designed for you, your location, your requirements and budget.