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Steel Frame Home -194m²


Steel frame structures systems allow new homeowners to build modern homes at a more affordable cost and in less time.

Steel kit homes from Prefabex provides peace of mind knowing your new modern home will stay strong for years to come. Enhance your home's structure with a frame made from light steel.

Prefabex is the leading supplier of steel home solutions, designing and producing all the main components of steel framed homes.

Browse our steel frame home floor plans in Turkey and learn what style meets your taste. We provide custom home designs to meet your heart's desire and Put our expert team to the test today and call us for a free quote.

(Steel Frame Home -194m²)

Dimensions (cm)

Length (cm) 1565
Width (cm) 1530
Height (cm) 250

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With our exceptional and skillful hands, we made a reputation in the industry to be the leading suppliers of steel buildings homes. Following the standards and regulations delivered by modernistic and first-class building materials in a short time of construction is crucial.

Choosing us to be your supplier, you can expect excellence and punctuality in our services to meet your wishes for a durable and sustainable home.

Build Your Dream Home with Steel Frame Structures

The house of your dreams is easy, fast, and affordable. These steel frame homes are are lighter and stronger than steel and they provide greater flexibility than timber in construction and design.

Prefabex customers can choose from a variety of steel frame home floor plans and then decide if they want extra floors, extra bed-rooms, extensions or balconies.